Kenny Venable, pastor

Elder Kenny Venable was born on April 23, 1958, in Hereford, TX, to Brother Travis and Sister Nelda Venable. Brother Kenny attended the Primitive Baptist Church in Anton, TX, which is now the Littlefield Primitive Baptist Church.

He joined the Anton church when he was twelve years old, during a fifth Sunday meeting in September of 1970, at the Muleshoe Primitive Baptist Church. Kenny’s pastor, Elder L. M. Handley, baptized him after lunch on Sunday, along with several others from the Muleshoe church who were baptized by Elders Bernard Gowens and Afton Richards. Kenny says that was a day that he will never forget—a great blessing in his life.

After losing his first wife and daughter in 1997, he was blessed to marry his current wife Suzanne. Kenny began speaking in 2003, and on March 29, 2008, he was ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry. Kenny’s father in the ministry was the late Elder George Johnson, who was his greatest inspiration in the work of the ministry. Other influential ministers were Elders Gus Harter and Bernard Gowens.

After Brother George Johnson’s death in April of 2009, Kenny was called to pastor the Lubbock PBC in September of the same year. He has been serving the church since then.

Kenny and his wife Suzanne, have three sons, Shane Venable, Dyllon Smith, and Colton Smith. Dyllon and his wife Hailey have one daughter, Ainsley. Elder Venable and his wife Suzanne, along with their three sons are members of the Lubbock Primitive Church.